Monday, August 16, 2010

Oriental, express

I really love Gilt (! A few weeks ago, there was a sale for Amrita Singh jewelry -  she makes some absolutely  incredible stuff which I always wanted to try but everywhere else it was just too expensive - and I ordered this necklace. Despite the fact that the estimated delivery for it was for the beginning of September, they shipped it almost right away and it turned out to be just awesome, much longer than I thought, much brighter and just so oriental!
Wearing: romper by Costa Blanca, necklace by Amrita Singh, scarf by Oscar de la renta, sandals by Will's Fancy, canvas bag by Saks

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello again!

Hello everyone! Sorry for quite a long abscence - it's been a really hectic week and it's not even over yet! Graphically, it can be depicted as something very striped: a light stripe followed by a darker one which in its trun is followed by another stripe a few shadows lighter. But it's definitely exciting! In fact, I like it much better than getting stuck in one spot when nothing - nothing! - seems to be happening.
This outftit sort of illustrates my feelings about this striped, striped week lol
P.S. LiddieGal, please let me know when I should send your shoes. They're all ready and waiting! You can write me at

Dress by Gusto Barcelona
Sandals by Espace
Silver chain necklace by Kenneth Jay
Glasses by Escada (what else is new there)
Hat by Laila Rowe

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shoe giveaway, round 2: the winner

I'm happy to announce my shoe giveaway round 2 lucky winner. This time, it is the lovely Liddie from Chic on the Cheap
Congratulations! You always come up with amazing looks, and hopefully one day, these shoes will be part of them:)

I will post the pics of my next pair of shoes to be given away shortly, just as soon as I photograph them. So stay tuned!
To be continued...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Eazy'n lazy

As much as I love accessorizing - and I really do - I still yield to my rahter lazy self every now and then and go the easy way. That is, opt for pieces that come pre-accessorized and thus require the very minimum amount of work in putting them all together in an outfit. In that respect, my absolute favourites are pieces with embroidery, beads, all kinds of glitzy stone etc.

I stumbled upon these sandals by my favourite J Renee (at last summer and couldn't resist.  And they are so comfortable too!

Dress by DecoV
Sandals by J Renee
Headpiece by Bolton's
Bracelet by Cache
Hobo bag by Oscar de la Renta

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From day to night

I bought this dress from Victoria Secret about a year ago, and only wore it casually at first. This summer, however, I decided to go a little bolder than usually and decided to dress it up a bit for this party that we were invited to. The result was quite unexpected: as it turns out, this dress is very versatile, and with a few extra accessories, can be transformed from day to evening wear with no extra problem at all.
P.S. Guys, don't forget the shoe giveaway!

Dress by Victoria Secret
Sandals by Roger Vivier
Necklace by Gilt
Headpiece by Forever 21 (they have a regular Klondike for hair accessories over there, highly recommend!)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Just found these pictures which we shot on the roof a few weeks ago. Sunset is such a magical time (even if you're not a vampire)!

And guys, don't forget the shoes giveaway!
Dress by Bolton's
Wedges by Roger Vivier
Necklace by Laila Rowe
Sunglasses by Escada