Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shoe giveaway, round 2

It's July, 29 today and as promised, I'm announcing the winner of my first giveaway. The method selected this time was random drawing but for my next giveaway (still shoes) I might revive my numerical skills and choose a winner via random number generator.
So, today's winner is Vicky from the lovely Vicky's daily fashion blog ( Congratualtion! I'm sure my shoes have found a good owner:)

More shoe giveaways are coming up since I have lined up quite a few pairs in need of new home, from size 7 to  8/5. Today the theme of my giveaway#2 are these lovely pumps by Gabriella Rocha, size 8 and brand-new.
The rules are just as simple:
-make sure you're a follower of my blog
-leave a comment under this post - anything at all.
The winner will be chosen and announced next Friday, August 6. Good luck!

On hats and such

I finally found the right fedora, almost at the end of summer! Even though it's super-popular this season, finding a hat that wouldn't look like it belongs on somebody else's head proved to be quite a challenge. But a couple of days ago, I was passing by Laila Rowe store, walked in and a few minutes later, emerged with my very first fedora. Of course, I had to wear it right away!
The dress (found purely by chance at represents yet another of my favourite ongoing trends - super-maxi. It is seriously long, and I have to hold it at the side while walking. If I'm not carying anything heavy or bulky, it feels quite romantic:)

Wearing: dress by BCBG MaxAzria, fedora hat and bracelet Laila Rowe, wedges Emilio Pucci, sunglasses Escada

Monday, July 26, 2010

City after the rain

Amazingly, since last Friday, we got three thunderstorms, almost in a row in two of which we managed to get caught. Yesterday, it looked like we had all the chances to spend the day indoors - it was really coming down out there - but with the brave "Ah, what the hell!" we ventured outside, equipped with a huge umbrella and a waterproof case for the camera (once again, vanity prevailed). And it was amazing! Walking in the rain turns out to be so much fun, and when the rain is over, the city looks so refreshed and clean!

Those cobblestones are not as steady as they look.

Madison Avenue

Wearing:  skirt Necessary Objects, top Burlapp, wedges Devani, bag Christopher Livingston, heandband Forever 21, bracelet Cache

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Park Avenue sunset

These pics were taken a few days ago, when we decided to take a short walk on the way home. Nothing fancy, but hot summer night, Park Avenue, and the last rays of sun.

Those bows are not as stable as they look, and require additional tieing up every now and then

Wearing: Byblos dress, Lucilla sandals, Saks bag, Rene Caovilla barcelet, random sunglasses

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Taking pictures in the dark is actually quite fun, especially doing so in the forest. In the abscence of which, a park would do perfectly. Viggo could pose as an Enchanted Dog - he doesn't mind, as long as he is taken to the dogrun right after the photoshoot. And he does everything in his power to make this magical moment arrive ASAP.

Wearing:  Kenjo skirt, vintage top, Roberto Cavalli sandals, Forever 21 headband*

Monday, July 19, 2010

Giveaway, my first ever!

Guys, I have an announcement to make: in the upcoming months, I will be having  a series of giveaways for my followers!
 During our renovations that are dragging along happily at a drunken snail's speed, I've discoved quite a few things that I bought at some point in the past, most of the time on impulse and never wore more than once, if at all. All those things - mostly shoes - are in excellent condition, it just so happens that them and I never clicked.
But now hopefully they can find a more appreciative owner.
So here are the rules, and they are as simple as rules can be:
-become a follower of my blog
-leave a comment under this post - anything at all, just whatever you feel like sharing
And in short ten days, July, 29 the winner will be chosen.
This giveaway's shoes-du-jour are these strappy sandals by Steve Madden, size 7.5, absolutely new.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot weather and mystery animals

First, a few words on the mysterious animal from the previous post. The little bugger is a coatimundi (coati for short), she is three and she adores footwear and all other kind of wear she can find, sneak away and call her own. Together with Viggo, they form a small gang that poses a serious threat to my shoes that lay randomly around. But I have to admit, by now, our habbits have transformed so much that we rarely leave anything unattended - putting it away right after use (as well as closing all the dors, cabinets etc) has become almost automatic.
Now, on to the outfit. We had yet another scorcher today which I greatly enjoyed being able to wear my new dress by Vfish. The design is as open as one can wear in town without resorting to beachwear (although in the past few days, sarongs and swimsuits would've been very useful even in the street of Manhattan).

Wearing: dress Vfish, sandals Vigotti, sandom scarf and sunglasses

Friday, July 16, 2010

Urban Jungle

I suddenly realized that our coati, being a very cute animal and a shoe addict like myself, hasn't got enough coverage in my blog so far. She turned the lights off when I was working on my computer today so I took it as a hint.

Wearing: skirt and tank top Victoria Secret, scarf Oscar de la Renta, bangle Cache, sandals Lowe, sunglasses Escada

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Discover your rocker's side

...and your favourite wedges. I mean, my favourite wedges, of course, slightly torn by the coati but still holding up pretty good. For about three years in a row! The only problem with them is that their level of comfortness changes all the time, from your-good-'ol-slippers to gee-I-should've-opted-for-something-comfier. I'm not sure how it happens but it's a mystery allright.

Wearing: wedges Emilio Pucci, random skirt, scarf Oscar de la Renta, tank top Victoria Secret, necklace Gilt, leather jacket BCBG MaxAzria, bag Givenchy, sunglasses Escada

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Closet finds

Renovations are still going on, and I'm still diggin' out new old stuff or would-be-vintage things that due to my forgetfulness, have spent the past few years indoors (aka in the closet). But what a few years to a skirt, right? As long as it isn't falling apart, and because of lack of interraction with the coati, the things that I find are all in very good condition.Last weekend, my finds happened to be two skirts (both dating back to 2005) and a top (dating even earlier).

Wearing: skirt Max Studio, random top, sandals Will's fancy, headband Laila Rowe, bag Chloe

Wearing: skirt Polecci, same random top, sandals Vigotti, headband Laila Rowe, bag Chloe

Friday, July 9, 2010


This outfit consists of stuff that can in all honesty be considered vintage. Well, maybe almost vintage, but give it a few more years... Well, let's not look that far into the future. Where was I? Ah, the almost vintage, right. This dress was bought about five (gee..) years ago, and so were the sandals. And so were the purse and the scarf. I'm really surprised none of it was lost during our numerous moves around two different states.

Wearing: dress Victoria Secret, sandals Will's fancy, Japanese silk scarf, purse Inge Christofson, necklace BCBG Max Azria, random sunglasses