Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where's the rain, or the importance of not being gullable

They said it was going to rain yesterday and strangely enough, I believed it. Of course, I should've stepped out on the balcony to check out the real weather before leaving the house but somehow, this simple thought never crossed my mind. Thus the oufit. Well, let's just say among the summery-dressed people of Manhattan, I guess I looked like a tourist from Iceland. On the bright side, I got another chance to wear my coi fish rain boots. From Dav. With love.

Wearing: rain boots by Dav, denim parka by XCVI 1828, skirt by Joe Berbadette, headband by Bolton's

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost summer!

This is actually one of my favourite summer dresses; I bought it a few years ago, back in those times when Smartbargains ( still had cute stuff and good deals every now and then. The deals are still there, at least I receive all those enticing e-mails from them on a regular basis but I haven't seen anything even remotely interesting there in quite a while.
Anyway, the dress dates back to 2005, is made by Tibi and cost (I just can't not brag!) $19. The only drawback is its somewhat strange construction: the dress has boning on the sides and a zipper that seems to be sewn straight into it. I know it's impossible but in any case there are 24 beers, it is very close by and zipping it up is not an easy matter. But today, I did it! Frankly, I just had no choice: that was the only decent oufit I could come up with that didn't require extensive digging in the closet.

Wearing: dress by Tibi, sandals by Claudia Ciutti, headband by Bolton's

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Strawberry's fields

Last Sunday, when I had to dash to Best Buy for a replacement for our computer, picking it out was not the only challenge that I had to face: on my way to the computer heaven, I was passing Strawberry's and although I normally try to give myself a good kick and hurry past the store as quickly as I can this time, I just knew it was not going to happen. An dit didn't. Now, Strawberry's as well as a very similar store called Bolton's is a retailer chain with stores all around Manhattan. They sell some very cool stuff and if you have time to browse and dig, you can pick up a few amazing pieces every season. Oh, and don't forget thte best part - the prices: most of the stuff is around $30 or less and they have sales all the time. Splendid.
Since my willpower was at its lowest after the mishap with the computer, I couldn't just convince myself that it wasn't really Strawberry's but a mere hallucination and about an hour later, emerged from this blissefull place carrying a bag with the newest addition to my summer wardrobe - a skirt, two nautical-like tops and a headband (the whole thing was about $40!). The sandals were a present for my birthday three years ago and although I have been wearing them for three seasons straight and am going to the fourth one now, they hold up surprisingly well.

Escaping in style (I was runing out of ideas for the photos)

Wearing: vintage inspired lace skirt and nautical top (both from Strawberry's), straw hat from Bolton's, LV sandals.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Monday was one of those full-speed, overly eventful days that you totally enjoy but feel totally exhausted by early evening. In included, among many other things, express finishing of a couple of projects, past due beyond belief, a business lunch with a potential editor and a dentist appointment. Add to that an exciting hunt for a cab in the middle of Manhattan, in the middle of an afternoon, sprinting around in 4 inch heels (ouch!) and a constantly ringing phone and you'll understand why when I finally got home, my only wishes were a glass of wine and a bubbly bath but alas, those dreams were unattainable. We were invited to a party downtown and since it had been a serious while since we last attended something that joyful, we just had to go. Figuring that showing up at the party with the camera would be weird even for us, we took pictures before we left for the event.

Wearing: satin trench by Bebe, shoes by Donna Karan Collection, floral tights by Hue, hairband by Bolton's.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A day without internet

Last night, out computer decided it couldn't take it anymore and turned itself off. My attempts to bring it back to life were totally fruitile: the screen remained as black as summer nights in Main and after an hour or so of calling friends, pressing all possible buttons and profound cursing I gave up and called it a day. It was too late to dashout  to our local Best Buy for a substitution so I just poured myself some wine, dug out all those magazines that had been piling up for the past month, unread and even unopen and plonked on the bed with the coati. For a change, the little bugger wasn't after any shoes and actually didn't mind spending the night indoors.
Gee, not being able to check my email or even turn on the radio felt So Weird!!! On the bright side, though, I read the most recent New Yorker, almost in full and browsed an Architectual Digest (to which I subsrcibed by a terrible mistake). In fact, it was fun.
Now, about the outfit: the pictures were taken this afternoon, after several attempts to revive the computer, visiting Best Buy, visiting Strawberry's (retail store) on the way home and looking forward to setting up a new laptop - all by myself! Don't mind my expression: I didn't know if I would be able to get internet today thus the pround sorrow. But I did!!! And we have it again!!!

Wearing: safari (ish) jacket by Fiber, jeans by Take Two, scarf by Oscar de la Renta, boots by Giuseppe Zanotti

Friday, May 21, 2010

What might befall on those shoes if left unattended...

Yesterdady, I made a mistake of not putting my shoes away right after I got home (something that you really have to do in our abode) and this morning, they caught the attention of our shoe-loving animal. The little bugger waited till I got into the shower and chewed off one of the bows on the front. Actually, being a generous animal, she only chewed off half, leaving the turquoise half for me to experiment with. Turning the shoe that had just received a make-over in my hands, I had but two choices: a) freak out (useless) b) pretend that half a bow is actualy not such a bad thing to have (well, it's definitely better than having none at all). *trying to convince myself* Besides, there's nothing wrong with a little modern twist on a good ol' shoe, right? Right?
Anyhoo, today I opted for something sturdy and not-that-easily-destructable. As you can see, there isn't much to tear off or munch on, for that matter.

Wearing: dress by Victoria Secret, sandals by Robert Clergerie, jewelry by Cache, sunglasses by Escada.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Part Deux

As you can see, the weather in New York  has improved considerably and we can now toss trenches for various cropped wear. Just hope it'll stay this way for a while - I'm totally OK with heat but can't stand cold.

My recent shopping obsession is 6pm ( - the friend who actually hooked me up on this site has probably been giglling maliciously ever since: they have sales almost every day, tons of cool stuff and very attractive prices (during sales, of course). Even if I would like to abstain from hanging out there on a daily basist, so far I have not been able to do, they're just way too addictive!
My recent purchase from 6pm - jeans skirt by Adriano Goldshmiedt, worn for the first time today. The rest of the outfit was bought a while ago and includes: shoes by Christian Lacroix, top by Les Copain Jeans, glasses by JLo, bangle by Cache. Oh, and I nearly forgot - the headpiece is also new, from my Saturday night loot at Bolton's (at $3.49, it's my best deal ever!)