Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elephant illusion

Guys, thank you all so much for your wonderful comments, they made me very, very happy! It was one of the best birthdays I've evere had!

I finally made it to the computer and downloaded some pictures from yesterday (for a second time in two days, our computer is known for passive sabotage every now and then).

The top was actually advertised as a dress with an elephant print at ideeli ( but in reality turned out to be more like a tunic with some geometrical pattern. Even with my wild fantasy, I couldn't find anything elephant-related in the design, then again, maybe I should've looked at some different angle.
The wedges are from 6pm (, another dangerous site which I should stay away from but all those sales that going on there make it absolutely impossible.

The wedges were $16.95, on a two-day sale and turned out to be super-comfortable. And they add about 3' to your height, something that I especially like.

Wearing: tunic (or dress?0 by Industry, leather leggings from Romeo and Juliet, wedges from Two Lips, bag from Maddalena Marconi, sunglasses by Escada, random bangles


Vicky said...

Gee, Asta. This outfit is fantastic! One of my favorite ones! The tunic/dress looks very very nice, I can't spot an elephant either, but who cares! You got the wedges for how much? That's impossible. Off to check out 6pm now! :) Those leather leggings look so hot on you! Great post!

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Wow, you look so chic. It's a very modern look, perfect for romping around a city full of skyscrapers.

ilsteviewonder said...

This outfit is great I love those leggings and the shoes are hott! Your a stopping people in their tracks the girl in first picture is starring at you! lol if your stopping people on the streets your doing something good! go girl! great photos! =)

Melrose said...

Those wedges are gorgeous! and i especially love the random looks you're getting in the first picture... i love public photoshoots!!!

Johana Hill said...

Love it, love it, love it and love it! You're looking awesome in that outfit.

And a belated happy birthday to you! ;p