Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rainy weather

We finally got some rain in the past few days. Normally, rain makes me gloomy but this time, it was quite the opposite: ideeli ( finally shipped my rain boots, still from Dav, still on sale and it was a good chance to try them outside.
There were better pictures taken the same night but as I was freeing some space on the memory card, I accidentally deleted them (damn!)

Pair #1, Firebird (or at least I think this might be one)

Wearing: dress by Ocean Splendid, denim jacket by Domino, bag by Saks, rain boots by Dav


Vicky said...

Wow. love your rainboots. Looks like a peacock to me. Beautiful.

Bayan Mor said...

I love your rainboots too.and also your blog. if you want you can check mine. I started to write english.