Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rainy weather, part 2

Dav boots #2, abstract design (from the same batch).
I wasn't really sure which dress length would work best with it so I first paired it with a long dress (from my favourite Bolton's).

After running some errands it this outfit, though, I started having my doubts and on return home, changed into something shorter (vintage-like skirt and T-shirt from Strawberry). For added effect, I used a scarf (also from Bolton's) which sort of repeats the colors on the boots. Actually, that was the reason I bought it in the first place.

Viggo?! How you've changed, and it's only been two days!
Please, don't rub your eyes and stare at the screen at five different angles simultaneously: this lovely creature  (I mean the one to the left and on the leash) is a bloodhound we met in Central Park. His name is Wimsey, he lives on the West Side, and as a truly modern dog, he has his own blog

Viggo couldn't miss his chance and the two of them played for a while. Looked rather rough!

With all the playing, chatting, bouldering and inevitable picture taking, we stayed in Cetral Park till dark.

These buildings on the West Side always make me think of some enchanted castles from a fairy tale, the pond nearby just adding to the impression.

Wearing: vintage denim jacket, dress by Bolton's, skirt and T-shirt by Strawberry, rain boots by Dav, scarf by Bolton's, bag by Saks, sunglasses by Escada


Vicky said...

Love your dress, but also prefers the skirt at shorter length to pair with the boots. Beautiful scarf. Well done.

ilsteviewonder said...

I love it with the white dress! I love rain boots those are very stylish love that design :)

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Your dog is so cute!!!!! Love those boots. They are gorgeous.

LyddieGal said...

You have such an awesome rain boot collection! The koi, the peacock and these - so cool!

A dog with his own blog... what is the world coming to?

Chic on the Cheap

FCR said...

Those boots are absolutely amazing. I want some! Perfect for festival season...after all, it always rains in England! Where did you get them?

Laura x

Sofi said...

those boots are amazing, they look great on you¡¡¡

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following :)

Margaret said...

LOVE the boots :D
and the scarf!
thanks for the gorgeous comments! xx

Ylang-Ylang said...

Super original ce look, tu vas presque me faire aimer les bottes en plastiques^^
bisous bisous

Aurélie Malau said...

J'adore ce look complétement original, l'écharpe et les bottes tip top!

Cams said...

loverly boots!