Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Military mood

As it turned out, I have another military-style item in my wardrobe (this spring cleaning isn't totally useless, after all). This time, it's trench by A.M.M found in one of the closets this morning and immediately incorporated into today's outfit.
Our lazy dog firmly refused to go to the park trying to camp down at his favourite bus stop instead and searching support from passing by New Yorkers. But just short fifteen minutes later, we reached an agreement and were on our way.

Don't look at the hair, it was windy this morning


Melrose said...

love the coat over the shirt dress! and i want to steal your dog/bear

Emma - J - R said...

aww love your outfit :)
hehe the dog is adorable

Asta said...

Thanks, guys! Babay says thanks too:)

g said...

the dog looks tired. doesn't yoyo give him enough sleep?

Asta said...

It's just too early for both of us:)