Thursday, April 1, 2010

On laziness and such

Our dog is very lazy. At the same time, being raised in New York, he is a rather glamorous animal who loves attention and I'm sure has My Fans page somewhere on Facebook. All those factores combined, to regular doggi walks around the neighborhood  he prefers sitting somewhere conspicuous, with the greatest number of people, dogs, cars etc passing by. This way, he doesn't have to do anything to be in the center of things happenning - just pick out a good spot, plant yourself firmly there (Babay, come on! Come oooon!!! It's been half an hour already, how long can we stay here?!) and you're part of Manhattan busy life right away.
Today, I decided to combine that, no doubt, wonderful activity (at least from Babay's point of view) with some photoshooting.

Mexican stand

Are you done there yet? I need to move to another spot.

( Parka Kors by Michael Kors, suede ankle boots by Guiseppe Zanotti, random tights(c) Barbro Andersen and a serious golden chain by Leila Rowly)


Jayla said...

Guiseppe Zanotti's shoes, I just discovered this wonderful shoe designer last week.