Friday, April 2, 2010

Rain boots, another addiction

Not that long ago, I did not have rain boots in my wardrobe. At all. Exactly how that happened is still a mystery to me. Every spring and every fall, when rains would open their season and I would be soaking in my sneakers while walking Babay around the block, I would promise to myself to finally get (at least) one pair of rain boots. I mean, those are basic necessity, right?
Then I would come back home, open the closet, dodge yet another shoe box falling from an overly cluttered shelf and my determination to further increase my overly abundant shoe collection would start to wane.
But this spring Gilt had a sale for Dav boots, I couldn't resist (both the design and the price) and when they finally arrived one look at them turned me into a devoted rain boots-holic. OK, that probably didn't come out right. Let's just call it rain footwear adept.
Exhibit #1, rain boots with golden fish (and something that looks like algae).

Still not over missing my second cup of coffee this morning.

(Rain boots by Dav, dress by Vctoria Secret, leather jacket by Pasha & Jo)


Fragalist said...

these pictures are really amazing and high fashion keep up the good work and follow me on blogger thx.

Elea Carey said...

Boots-schmoots! Where'd you get the ridiculously hot dress?! Vic's Secret, I see -- well, you're rockin' it.

Elea Carey said...

Also? Mister Really Really Want Raccoon is hilarious.

elnajay said...

Love the boots! Really fun and special...and you've got a great outfit to put with them!

MIG said...

Hey loving this post. You have a hot little style their hun.

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Asta said...

Thank you so much, guys!:)

Anna said...

I absolutely LOVE these boots!!! Have been looking for an amazing pair of rain boots myself but ended up with a very ugly no brand pair from century 21. After seeing these I have no excuse not to buy a pretty one!