Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That Bogart influence

To my own surprise, my today's outfit has a slight 40-s feel: I guess all those Humphrey Bogart movies that I have been watching the whole winter are finally starting to sink in. I do realize that to pin that style down, I would need, among other things, a hat and a pair of gloves (and they were also very pro-small purses back in the 40-s) but as I said, the outfit has a feeling rather than complete resemblance.

The bag (by Maddalena Marconi) arrived yesterday; luckily, I forgot to put it away so this morning, I didn't have this "last accessory" dilemma as I so often do.


Deka said...

a complete copy wouldnt be as creative. i love this 40s inspired outfit and think you look very chic! love the red boots :)

Asta said...

Thanks, Deka!:)

Jodi Michael Horner said...

This look should be a Daily Mirror on Style Caster! :-)