Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blue dress

The history of this dress (by Vivien Tam)  has always been somewhat complicated. I bought it from Neiman Marcus ( about three years ago falling in love with the picture (the fact that it was on sale also helped). I'm not sure how they do sizing over there at Vivien Tam but the actual size of the dress had nothing to do with the one embroided on the label.
Nowadays, I would gladly send it back praising myself on frugality (yeah, I'm aware of the oxymoron) but three years ago, I alaways preferred to give a newly bought thingy another chance (yeah, I'm aware of the stupidity of the approach).
Anyhow, the dress was finally fixed and just two short years later, finally got its chance to see the world.

Because of the lacy bodice and the length, I think it has a slight 1940-s feeling.

The shoes are Lanvin, tracked down at YOOX (


OooKellyNicky said...

Ha! I love your header, too funny. Your blue dress is adorable, way to top it off with SILVER and GOLD metalic shoes... Love this.

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Emma - J - R said...

awww that dress is rather pretty
it suits u very much :)
love it!

Asta said...

Thanks, guys!!!:)