Sunday, May 16, 2010

Somewhere deep deep in the closet...

Sometimes, browsing through your closet's contents can be so fun! All over sudden, while making your way through all those numerous hangers and simultaneously dogging those treacherous boxes from the shelves Far Far Beyond, you stumble upon something you forgot all about and for which you nearly bought a replacement. And now you don't even need it and can spend the saved money on something else!
Long live the ever cluttered closet, an endless source of entertaintment and new and wonderful finds!

Wearing: leather jacket  Elements by Vakko, jeans by Take Two, sandals by Nancy Geist, scarf by Oscar de la Renta, bag by Barbara da Milano


mariska said...

love the jacket!


Margaret said...

gosh you're tall! your legs are so long :)
and your hair looks amazing.
love your scarf!

FFR said...

I Hanen't comment!!!!

LyddieGal said...

Those sandals are gorgeous -- are they what you found?

My closet is stuffed beyond the limits of being stuffed. We are in peril, as we keep buying more.

Chic on the Cheap

Asta said...

Thanks, guys!:) LiddieGal, I found both the sandals and the jacket, all in the same location:) It's getting crazy - all this stuff just doesn't fit anywhere anymore and I still need more( and all those sales...)!:)

sapphirewhisper said...

Love the outfit! Nice blend of neutrals and the scarf adds the perfect splash of color.

Great blog, will check back soon.