Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chilly afternoon walk

The weather in New York is even moodier than myself: one day, it might be 90s and a super-mini-sundress  - just to turn into shivering 50s and two parkas the day after. And I'm not just making it up - it's based on the true story of this very weekend!
But be as it may, it was still a good day for a walk in Central Park, a chilly and sunny early May New York afternoon.
Wearing: Alessandro del Aqua boots, Qi boucle coat, Country Gentlemen hat, Victoria Secret sweater dress, Oscar de la Renta bag


FFR said...


LyddieGal said...

I know what you mean -- weather in CT has of course been much of the same, and it's driving me crazy.

I love the look of your cozy coat and hat though!

Fingers crossed we can get back to sundresses soon!

Chic on the Cheap

Brow Raised Beauty said...

Looks like it was a fun shoot:) Great ensemble, but I'm with you - Bring On The Sunshine!!! I have a couple of dresses that want to come out and play...

Tann said...

ah cute..!! I always want to wear a coat.. but in a tropical country like my country..?eeeergh.. I don't think so.. coz we've get sun shines soooo bright almost everyday.. lol