Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jeudi, le 13 mai

As if making up for yeasterday's rough patch, the weather today was very sunny, warm and truly spring-like. Today, it was easy to believe your own eyes, the calendar and that slightly annoying very persistent French radio that insisted on reminding its listeners of today's date and day of the week - every fifteen minutes - just in case.
Aujourd'hui est jeudi, le 13 mai... Voila!
No kiddin'...


FFR said...

Oh! my God!!!!!!!!

Asta said...

Oooh!!! You're making me blush:) Thanks so much!!

Bego said...

Amazing! You have the most sophisticated style and clothes! You know how to assemble it!
Thanks for the message on independent fashion bloggers! Yes, I'm more than happy to follow you!
Here's my site so you can follow back. :)

Asta said...

Thanks, Bego, I'm a big fan of you outfits too and your pics are just fantastic! I'm your new follower now:)