Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The yellow and I have always had a rather strange relationship. I like it a lot, in fact, I like all the shadows, semi-shadows and even the most weird or imperceptible hues of yellow that I've come across so far. Yet, its share in my wardrobe is rather limited.
Here's my attempt to make up for it. Yellow kettle.

Yellow shoes (with zebra print as a tribute to the new season's most favourite trends - not much but I did what I could)

Yellow cars. The mini isn't mine but we hailed one of those yellow cabs on the background to get home. Again, we did what we could.

Wardrobe: top by Strawberry, jeans capri by Hue, sandals by Goffredo Fantini, random scarf, hobo bag by Givenchy, glasses by Escada


Nana said...

I love those yellow!! the last photo is really nice :)

Nana xx

Renee said...

Yellow is my very favorite color, its so happy looking. i have to watch myself from having Too much yellow in my wardrobe, haha. oh and, yes, i covet this outfit =)

Asta said...

Thanks, guys!:)