Saturday, May 15, 2010

And if you need friends, just call out

This skirt made its way into my closet under some rather strange circumstances: we were shopping with my fiancee (doesn't happen too often 'cause he just can't stand this activity) and he actually insisted that I bought it. I tried to protest saying that my skirt count was already too high (again, very unusual, no, I take that back - almost impossible to imagine) but he wouldn't listen to any of that. So the skirt was purchased and brought home. Now, as anybody knows, closet inhabitants commonly known as various s...sshshs...OK stuff just can't stand being alone and keep calling for new friends. This time was no exception so soon the rest of the outfit as seen on the pics followed into our Manhattan-size closet which has been defying the laws of space for as long as I can remember.

The outfit: skirt by Bomb Boogie, top by Yank, tights by Falke, canvas wedges by Christian Louboutin, bag by Oscar de la Renta, vintage Japanese scarf


mariska said...

first time i saw ur shoes i fell in love!!
then i scroll down and find that that is wonder if that's beautiful.


The SB Room said...

Love your shoes and the colours of your outfit

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!

Asta said...

Guys! Thanks sooo much, I'm really happy to hear that!:)

Clypi said...

Oh my, your shoes are amazing really
ty for the comment