Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Better late than never, or leather leggings

One of the trends that I wanted to try this upcoming spring but wasn't particularly sure about was leather leggings. Last fall, I saw quite a few girls in the street of Manhattan wearing them together with long (or extra-long) boots and short coats or shearlings and it looked great. And I wanted that too! However, out of the khm.... many pairs of boots that I own I couldn't find anythings suitable for pairing with something as avant-garde as leather leggings.
Until one day I looked at my favourite black leather boots that somehow I tend to wear most often and realized that I should do closet-shopping more often. That was the answer I was looking for and it has been there all the time!
My leather leggings experiment, part 1 (sorry for the quality of the pics, hopefully others are going to be better)


TheStrawberryFields said...

I love that jacket and its rather quirky.

If you are ever stuck for outfit ideas or how to style something definately try

Thanks for dropping by

Lilly Rose said...

Hi :)

Your outfits are fab! And Babay is so big!! Lucky you, living in New York ;))


Asta said...

Thanks, guys!:)