Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mood plaid

With the gloomy weather for like the third day in a row, I felt a strong need to brighten it up. I really had to do that, ASAP, before my mood reached the below zero level! For an immediate effect, red was chosen; besides, it was a nice opportunity to try and combine it with bordo - something I always wanted to do but never actually did. Until today.
Also, I just received these absolutely insane plaid tights ( by Ellen Tracy) from barenecessities and it seems like I need more of those!

Jacket by Alexander McQueen, bordo pumps by Stuart Weitzman, plaid tights by Ellen Tracy)


Emma - J - R said...

ooohoo that is a rather pretty outfit. awsum tights :) i quite want your hair ^_^

Asta said...


L.H. said...

I am pretty much in love with your jacket! The tights look great too, I would have never thought to try them out, but now I definitely will xx

Life Imitates Fashion

Asta said...

Thanks, L.H! They have a lot of interesting tights/stockings etc at barenecessities.

Dessinatrice said...

Those tights are completely awesome! I don't own any patterned tights, and I think you've just inspired me =D

Ripped Nylon