Monday, March 1, 2010

Rain boots: coming soon

Just a little brush up on recent history. About a month ago, I ordered these at Gilt and haven't heard from them ever since.

I almost gave up on it but apparently, this spring fancy rain boots are going to be a big hit in Manhattan - everybody is wearing them, its' crazy! So I decided that I shouldn't lack behind and wrote to Gilt asking wassup? An automated message assured me that very soon, a real human being would get in touch and guess what? Just short three days later, he or rather she did! En bref, the letter said we appreciate... we apologize... will send out your damn boots soon. Very soon.
So it's either that or I already lined up a few other pairs that I might buy - in case very soon does not happen this spring. It actually gives me some hope that soon I will stop jumping across snowy puddles in my winter boots cursing loudly and probably looking like a yeti on vacation.

Just in case rain boots are on your To buy list as well - these are from


Mitch said...

These fashion boots look pretty interesting! Thanks for sharing. More fashion favorites please!

Asta said...

Absolutely!:) I will try my best!