Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Endless temptations

It's amazing: every time I decide to go frugal (happens about a few times a month) there inevitably going to be yet another sale with some of my favourite designers and I will yield in again - inevitably so. Even if I do my best and avoid walking past Saks, Bergdorf, or down Madison Avenue in general one or two of those places (or more) will inevitably reach me through e-mail (which I cannot not check) still offering coupons, discounts and other stuff a gal just can't resist.
Today, it was theoutnet's turn to try to trick me into swaying away from the path of frugality. And they sell Brian Atwood shoes for whom I have very tender feelings.

I can proudly say that so far, all I have been doing is windowshopping. But the sale is for a whole week...