Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going green

There are things that you buy and wear forever. There are other things that somehow end up in the closet/ top shelf/ end of the very last drawer. Yet there are these strange pieces that you tend to forget all about until you stumble upon them and voila - for days after, your outfits will be revolving around them. Strange, eh?
A perfect examples of such clothes is this coat from La Redoute which I bought a couple of years ago and saw in my closet a couple of days ago.

As it turns out, I have quite a few matching pieces so if it doesn't rain I will be going green for the next few days or so.

The main accessory - Babay.

Coat - La Redoute, boots - Zamagni, dress - Victoria Secret, belt - Valentino, hobo - Giudit


thecreativemixx said...

What a lovely jacket!

I've love shopping in my closet and finding a fab piece that I bought a while back.

I love your bag! Is that a recent purchase?

Asta said...

Thanks!:) Closet shopping has been one of my favourite things-to-do recently and I've already found a few pieces that I thought were lost:)
I bought the bag about a couple of years ago at Daffy's

Steffi said...

That's an amazing coat!!

Asta said...

Thanks, Steffi!:)