Monday, March 8, 2010

It's spring!

We had another truly spring day - nice, warm and very sunny! Of course, I couldn't miss on the opportunity to wear something that has been sitting in my closet fo what seems like ages waiting for the weather to change. I'm just sooo tired of puff coats and winter boots! I wanna wear heels, mega-minis and forget the phrase "bundle up" - at least for the next half a year or so.

Soon, everything around is gonna be like that - nice and green!

Say... the opposite of "cheese"

The spring stuff: coat by Patrizia Pepe, dress by Victoria Secret, bag by Prada and super-comfortable moss suede boots by Donna Karan


Vanilla said...

Gorgeous outfit :)

Love vanilla

Stylester said...

your shoes match the brass railing perfectly from the first couple of photos!

--SL said...

Thanksm guy! About the brass railing - just noticed it myself, the colors really match:)

{ aggie } said...

Wow the entire outfit is just perfect ;)

Asta said...

Thanks! *blushing*:)