Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside

It's still cold in New York and the temperature is still camping around the same 19F as yesterday. And it's just as cloudy and gloomy. Summer footwear still refuses to emanate even a slightest appeal - in the best New York traditions, our apartment is almost just as cold as the Great Outside and to top it up, we had to put the computer in the coldest room of all.
That said, I guess right now the most appropriate footwear should look like this.

Mou, goatskin boots with sheepskin shearling lining. I personaly have a special weakness for furry boots although I'm not a big fan of extreme weather conditions (and windy 19F in New York is extreme conditions unless you grew up in Iceland!)

Another pair from the same brand - cowboy boots.

P.S. Before I forget: in case you're looking for a Valentine present for a significant other, a gift for yourself or just feel that you're eligible for a session of retail therapy: YOOX (  is having a special promotion thing going on until tomorrow, January 31. For whatever reason, they didn't announce it this time - I just found it out empirically today. Have fun!