Friday, January 29, 2010

Boots to wear in January cold: Thomas Wylde

It's cold outside. No, I take it back - it's really freezing, 19F and the temperature is climbing gradually down. Add to that strong, chilly and mighty unpleasant wind and I seriously considered cancelling tonight's dinner while running down 57th street earlier today.
My original plan was to write about Lanvin's new shoe collection but frankly, I just can't bring myself to do that: just looking at all those sandals, flats and other espadrilles makes me shiver with cold. And it's not even February yet!
As a plausible solution, I'm presenting you this.

Ladies and gents, please, welcome Mao, the knee-high black (crinckled) leather boots from Thomas Wylde. These boots boast a 4.5'' heel together with a 0.5'' platform, a fold-over panel with a silver skull detailing and even something that resembles a string of Chinese beads. Actually, several of them.
Pair them with dark skinny jeans or leather leggins, add a long shearling and you're ready to go. Outside. Ah, and dont's forget a scarf, it ain't summer yet!