Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gladiator sandals, part 2

So, this gladiator sandal has really got me thinking. And browsing. And trying to classify what I see - in order to better understand this style and also decide whether or not I could incorporate it into my wardrobe.
Ladies and gents, out topic for today is fancy gladiator sandals (obviously designed for those fashion-conscious fighters whose motto might've been "Life is short, so at least get yourself a descent sandal, man!")
With that in mind - Givenchy, Iguana zip sandals

Modern Vintage, chain-braided gladiator sandals (they also had'em in black, gaudeamus, igitur)

Jimmy Choo, Rebell (I swear they had almost exact same ones last season, except these are in lizzard print)

Jimmy Choo, Weylin (with preccccious stones)

If you wanna see what future looks like, here's your chance: Jimmy Choo, Future sandals - they are a very interesting take on the gladiator theme, btw

To be continued (God, they got me started!)...