Friday, January 15, 2010

Roberto Cavalli, mi amore

I love Roberto Cavalli, I love him dearly, I love him for as long as I can remember (checking the notes) Well, to be more precise, my love for him dates back to the summer of 2007 when browsing through a now dead fashion site I stumbled upon his fantastic, Troy-inspired antique gold sandals called Lionhead. Two thin straps and a massive lion head (in profile) in the middle. Simple, stylish and absolutely irresistable. Back then, I already started thinking wearable as well as beautiful when contemplating buying yet another pair of shoes so the Lionheads fell  into that category just right. And I didn't make a mistake with them - so far, they're among the most outstanding and comfortable shoes I ever had in my life. Or on my feet. Frankly, they are almost a piece of art and the pictures will follow as soon as my fiancee comes back from his business trip.
In the meantime - something that I wouldn't mind adding to my Roberto Cavalli shoe collection.

As well as these - black lace on beige background and a stiletto heel. What can be better?