Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Despite all the years spent, happily navigating the vastness of the Shoe Universe there are still brands that I can't really form any opinion about. They're not as controversial as, say, the United Nude or Jean-Paul Gaultier  (oh, dear!) nor do they fall into that plain ol' shoe category, either. Still, when asked what I think about (insert the name of a brand I haven't formed an opinion about - yet) I usually mumble something incoherent and quickly suggest some other brand that I know (and like).
Continuing on the nautical theme, Pour la victoire happens to be part of the still (or yet) uncharted waters that as everyone knows run deep. Was staring at their boots today for at least half and hour and still - no opinion. But I' d say they definitely got something.

Now these remind me very much of Stuart Weitzman - the shape, the heel and the overall that beginning of the 20th century feel. And the lace up on the front!

Another pair with that vintage feel that is responsible for quite a sizable part of my shoe collection. Hm... I guess I'm starting to like the brand.