Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jimmy Choo: there is a clue

As so many other designers, Jimmy Choo seems to have a penchant towards some of his designs. Every season, he would take such a shoe which by then has already established itself in the shoe-loving community, give it a new makeover - and voila! - it's a new shoe but the one with instantly recognizable features. It's very much like jazz: you take a standard, do your variation on it and if it's good it will be remembered for quite a while, like, say, Ella Fitzgerald's Summer time.
Does Mr Choo play favourites with his shoes since only a few of them are entitled for this rejuvenating makeover? Maybe, but who says that he can't, especially if the results are that good. One of the models that he seems to particularly like is called Clue and I have a feeling that this upcoming spring and summer we are going to see a lot of them in the streets of New York. So jsut look around for clues, people!

Silver Clue

Watersnake Clue

Glittery Clue

Black satin Clue

Red Clue (I believe these call for a night at the opera, no less). Quasimodo is optional.


Ariz said...

Jimmy Choo really is excellent. He's never mediocre.
I love his shoes, so are your blogs.....

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