Saturday, January 16, 2010

Funky, freaky, fancy footwear

When it comes to trying out a new trend or a new variation on an existing trend, I'm usually the first one in line. Yes, I do love a classical pump of which I have an extensive collection; a no less timeless high-heel sandal a la Jimmy Choo has also found its well-deserved place in my wardrobe. However, funky shoes are and have always been my weak spot.
But that said, every now and then I still stumble upon a shoe that would make my jaw drop: you gotta be kiddin' me... Can you really wear those? And if so, for how long? Would you need some external help aka somebody's strong shoulder to lean upon while doing so?
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against such an extreme design, and it's just natural curiosity that makes me ask myself (and sometimes sales people if that happens in a store) all  those questions. Besides, if I knew the answers (and liked them, too), who knows, maybe that would be yet another opportunity for me to broaden my shoe horizons.
So, here it goes. Exhibit #1, my favourite Roberto Cavalli. Summer sandals on a wooden platform.

I understand that these are not cross-town shoes but still, I would be very interested to know just how comfortable they are. Like, say, on a scale from 1 to 5?
OK, back to our muttons. I mean, the frea... I mean the funky shoe collection. Exhibit #2, Fendi wooden platform strappy sandals (found at I'd say they look slightly more stable than the Robero Cavallis but it's just my impression. And they certainly have something vaguely Yves Saint-Lauraint-ish about them.


Now these booties make my hight fright go a whole notch up.
Exhibit #3 - Emilio Pucci, mesh peep-toe boots on a 4.5' stiletto heel and a 2' double platform. Despite my starting dizziness, I could see myself wearing them to a summer party, provided, of course, that I would only have to walk to the car and back (found at

To be continued...