Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beatrix Ong: a sandal named Shaylee

As it usually happens, right after I receive, unpack and try on yet another pair of shoes (boots, sandals, flats etc) I immediately start looking around for another object of my desire for the near future. And sure enough, it always pops up and I just have to have it. Again. Even though my current footwear possessions fall out of the two closets that we have, all the while demanding better living conditions. And I prefer not to think about the Amex bill which will be arriving at the end of the month.
Still, the shoe du jour these days is this transparent'n yellow sandal from Beatrix Ong. It's very bright and summery and check out the lovely bow at the back!

These sandals call for a flirty summer dress a la 50-s and Lucille Ball but nobody says we should listen

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