Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got anything to hide?

It seems like another new/old trend is poised to do quite well this upcoming season, namely see-through shoes. I know they have been around for a while but who knew that this spring and summer, they're going to be just everywhere? A new twist is observed, though: if before it was either a trasparent heel or can't- hide- nothing front, now we can easily have both - combined in one shoe. Here are my favourites.
Prada, be per-plexed
Plex sandals

Studded plex clogs

Jeweled plex sandals

Plex thongs

Plex mary jane pumps

Plex slides

But if you don't feel like being out there that much, there are also more descrete models available. They knew to leave nobody out!
Brian Atwood, studded mesh ankle boots


Christian Louboutin (you didn't really think he would just disregard this trend, did yeah?) Madame tall boots

And finalmente, my personal favourite - Christian Louboutin, Mamimo Rete lace-up ankle boots.

All merchandise found at Saks (