Monday, February 1, 2010

The power of red (shoes)

A few days ago, I was reading  this blog  and one of the articles there really got me thinking. The author quotes Mimi Pond who in her book Shoes Never Lie states that out of the vast universe of footwear, red shoes are the ones with magical power. Yes, that's right, magical power that turns the red shoes wearer into this super-sexy, super-seductive and what's more super-mysterious femme fatale that leaves men around her profoundly struck as she walks proudly by. In red shoes. It doesn't say what happens when she takes'em off and who turns into a pumpkin but that's not the point here. The point is: is it really so? Is this magical power real (yes, I'm aware of the oxymoron) or is it just an illusion, a popular belief, a (urban) fairy tale that has been going around for years and years and by now has gained its fair share of supporters?
Well, if all my years as a devoted shoesaholic count for anything then my answer would be hell, yeah! Sitting in front of my computer with a glass of wine and a goofy smile on my face, numerous shoe boxes that has been arriving since the first signs of pre-, Christmas and post-Christmas sales scattered around, I remembered quite a few stories when red shoes had acted as a pass to places my friends and I couldn't've got otherwise, an endless source of compliments and all in all, a great self-confidence booster on a rainy day. Come to think of it, they do make you feel different, walk different and even kick up your mysteriousness level a few notches up (the last part was further confirmed by my friends who agreed to participate in a quick poll at 2am on a Saturday night).
So that said, red shoes are indeed magical. And even if it's just an illusion,  it's a damn good one.



Jimmy Choo Quiet

Christian Louboutin Altadama

Miu Miu