Thursday, February 18, 2010

Care for a snack?

As far as shoe design goes, I have to admit, there are some really wild things out there and this "crazy" tendency is getting more and more pronounced with each passing year. Just remember the reversed heels of Maison Martin Margela and Louis Vuitton not that long ago! This year, it's sandwich sole or double platform proudly presented (and incorporated in all kinds of footwear from shoes and sandals to boots) by one of my favourite Italians Gianmarco Lorenzi.
Ladies and gents, behold!
Double platform eel skin slingbacks

Same double platform, but this time, it's pumps

Sandals: simple

Fansy aka rhinestone-incrusted

Now on a more serious note, leather court shoes

And finally - boots (you didn't think I would lie to you about those, did yea?)

In case you're game to try one of those - Farfetch is your place of destination (