Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow in New York? It's an illusion!

Life is full of illusions. Like, for example, today I looked out of the window and saw that all the streets around were covered with some white stuff and it couldn't be cocain - there was just too much of it. A few cars parked nearby also had something resembling snow on them.
Trully excited, I jumped up and down, happy that the weather forecast people finally delivered on their promise (it's been a while!), worked their magic and voila - the long-awaited 2 inches of snow are finally there!
Imagine my disappointment, when my dog and I got out of the house, fully equipped to start a search for Amundsen's expedition and the white snow-like stuff turned out to be just that thing they use on the streets to make them less slippery. The snow-covered cars (that snow was real, by the way) all had Connecticut/Pennsylvania plates. Damn it! Still no snow for New York.
But be as it may, I refuse to switch from my Icelandic mood and just out of defiance (and maybe as a hint to the snow delivery department) my shoe of the week is this lovely thing called Mukluk

Another Mukluk

And yet another one. All found at Amazon (and they have much more there!).