Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's snowing in New York

My wish has been finally granted to me: we've got snow. Yay!!!!
Our dog who should be really enjoying the weather - you'd think, with  a furcoat like his! - so  far, has been showing but very mild enthusiasm and it took me a while to convince him to go for a walk this morning.

It has been snowing since last night but at the same time, it's not cold so the snow quickly turns into slush. But there still a lot of it! I think that under the circumstances, tonight I should try out my almost new winter boots (bought last year at Daffy's but never worn since). They have a rather unusual construction: a faux fur upper part and rubber on the rest of the territory. So I guess I'm ready for a walk/swim.

Also, stumbled upon these today: faux fur leg warmers (

They look... eh... unusual on the picture (and  better in the cataloque) but I just have absolutely no idea what you could possibly combine them with without looking like Conan the Librarian the Barbarian. Any ideas, folks?