Friday, February 5, 2010

Strappy sandals

Another trend that promises to be very popular this upcoming season - again - are strappy sandals. No, not the- two- tiny- straps- and- a- buckle fragile thing that we saw everywhere about two years ago but a serious construction made of everything from perforated leather to glittery suede to the watersnake featured in one the the Harry Porters.
As incredible as it may sound, out of the two closets of shoes that I own (and have to protect from the constant attacts of our pets) there isn't a single pair of strappy sandals. None. Zero. Nada. The reason, though, is very simple: up to very recently, I haven't really cared much for them. To me, they always seemed just way too bulky and not elegant at all. But looking at what is being offered for the upcoming season I see a new direction for my collection to grow. And considering the notorious lack of space in Manhattan apartments, we might have to invade the adjasent unit to store it all (but it's very hush-hush!)

Dolce and Gabbana, Ayers platform sandlas (watersnake)

Christian Louboutin Fernando

Christian Louboutin Stratatata glitter platform sandals

Jimmy Choo Zero Mirror platform sandals

Halston (actually, these are from last season, but who cares - they are sooo cool!)


Ariz said...

great strappy shoes!

I love 'em! I wish to have those very soon.

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