Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yoox: so addicitve!

Yoox is a very, very addictive site. As a person who has been browsing it non-stop for the past couple of years, I can certainly attest to that. Just when you think that you bought everything you wanted something else inevitably pops up and  guess what? You want that too! Sales that they have every few weeks are especially hard to resist and you would need an extra-strong will power just not to sneak to Yoox - again! - and press the proceed with your order button.
Well, what can I tell you... A human being is sometimes weak and I'm certainly not an exception here. By now, my wardrobe has enriched considerably due to Yoox, especially the shoe department.
Le Silla is one of the brands that I find especially hard to resist. And on a few occasions, I didn't. Oh, well...
Here's the result.

Just as all the Le Silla boots that I've ever seen in my life, they have a very cute detailing - buckles.
I also dug out this faux mink coat of mine (from H&M) which goes rather well with the boots. One question: why did I have to find it now, when the winter is almost over? Oh, well...