Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Transparency is the key

Just as goverments all around the world warn banks and other hedge funds to be more transparent and hide less, designers seem to be getting on that wagon just as well adopting increased transparency as a new hot trend for this summer. I guess I already said that before... I guess it was just yesterday. Still, today I've lined up a few more of those shoes that I'm sure would meet even the most strickt requirements for transparency. Well, at least these definitely would.
Christian Louboutin, Jeannette spiked sandals

Zhora pump

These are, actually, quite out there, as well. Shawnita pump

Fetilo mesh & patent leather pump

Candy stud pumps (kinky!)

And for those of us who have the Big Day planned for the upcoming spring/summer - Fetilo peep-toe pumps

All merchandise found at Saks (